Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions2022-11-03T10:52:21-06:00
What do I need to prepare for the cleaning?2022-11-03T10:50:43-06:00

We want this process to be as easy as possible for you, so all we ask is that before we arrive, to have all excess clutter picked up and all surfaces cleared so we may access and properly clean them. Please move fragile items out of the way, and empty out any sinks. If there is excess clutter, our technicians will work around it, and clean around the clutter rather than move your possessions.

In the summer months, we want to make sure our technicians are working in a comfortable, safe environment. Please be aware that the air conditioning may be set as low at 78 degrees Fahrenheit while cleaning your home and will be reset to your preferred setting before they leave.

Please we ask to just secure any pets and that we will be able to enter your home at your scheduled service date and time. Leave it to us after that!

What is your cancellation policy? Do you have a cancellation fee?2022-11-03T10:41:21-06:00

We require a 48 hours notice for you to receive no cancellation fee, if the service is cancelled under 48 hours, a 50% fee will be charged to pay the cleaners for lost wages.

What time can I expect my cleaning?2022-11-03T10:33:21-06:00

Cleanings can take place as early as 9am, our technicians will have a 30 minute window from your cleaning start time as they may run long on an initial clean.

Any cleaning jobs you will not do?2022-11-03T10:29:46-06:00

Due to health and safety regulations, we are unable to clean any areas that contain biohazard waste, such as animal or human waste or urine.

Do we have to provide any products or equipment?2022-11-03T10:27:30-06:00

No, we will provide everything that is needed to clean your home. If you use a special or preferred products such as Bona that you use on your floors, please provide the product for we do not carry it.

Are organic or eco-friendly cleansers used by your technicians?2022-11-03T10:25:01-06:00

Yes! We can use a full cleaning set up of organic or eco-friendly cleaning products. We can use what products you prefer to be used within your home. Bleach products are not used at all.

If I had a service with another company, is another initial cleaning required?2022-11-03T10:20:53-06:00

We will evaluate your home to give a proper estimate to determine if an initial clean needs to be done again.

Are tips accepted?2022-11-03T10:18:17-06:00

Our professional technicians do not expect tips but they are greatly appreciated.

Is there a limit to what you are able to clean?2022-11-03T10:16:24-06:00

Our cleaning technicians work to the best of their ability to have your home cleaned to the highest standard, but there are limits to what we are able to do with set-in stains or certain textured or porous surfaces, such as fabrics, wood, shower doors, bathtubs, grout, countertops, etc. We will clean these surfaces as thoroughly as we can, but they may not appear as visually clean as other types of surfaces. If there is hard water with high mineral content in your home, it may have caused permanent staining or build up in your bathrooms and kitchens. We do everything with the highest care and standard, we cannot guarantee that the hard water stains can be removed. Additionally, there are other things we do not clean.

What can I expect from an Initial cleaning vs. Recurring Cleanings?2022-11-03T10:07:45-06:00

Our initial cleanings are cleaning your home up to a high standard to we can provide consistent cleanings during future services. Recurring cleanings are maintaining the high quality cleaning we provided on a regular basis.

Who am I trusting to clean my home?2022-11-03T10:03:32-06:00

Our cleaners are all well trained, highly rated, and thoroughly investigated that they are suitable for this job. Along with background checks, face to face interviews, and paid training for all of our employees, ensuring that our cleaners will provide the best service. The day before the cleaning, you will receive an email confirmation with the name and photograph of our cleaning team member who is scheduled for your service.

How many cleaners can I expect during the service?2022-11-03T09:49:39-06:00

For the initial service, we will have a whole team sent to evaluate your home’s needs. Recurring services will have 1 technician come continue the service. We aim to have the same cleaner for recurring services, so they become familiar with your home and provide the best service possible.

What if something is broken during the job?2022-11-03T09:46:21-06:00

Don’t worry, Green Diamond is fully insured.

Do you charge the credit card immediately once it is on file?2022-11-03T08:55:23-06:00

No.  Payment is collected once the services are completed.

How do I pay for your services?2022-11-03T08:54:24-06:00

While we do require a credit card to be kept on file, you can request to pay by check or cash or we can simply charge the card when the service is completed.

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